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Platelet rich plasma (PRP) Treatment in Delhi India

Accelerating Healing with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet rich plasma normally refers to blood plasma enriched with higher concentrations of platelets to accelerate the healing of the injuries naturally without subjecting the patient to any kind of significant risks. The main principle involved in the PRP treatment is to fuse the latest technology with the body’s natural healing ability for initiating a faster recovery and regeneration as well as hair growth. The human blood typically contains four components; Erythrocytes or Red Blood Cells, Leukocytes or White Blood Cells, Thrombocytes or Platelets, and Serum component aka Plasma. RBCs carry oxygen to various parts of the body, while WBC’s is responsible for most of the immune responses of the body. When we suffer from any mechanical injury, it is the responsibility of the platelets to form a clot at that particular point to prevent excessive bleeding. After clotting these platelets secrets various substances to induce growth of the cells to promote healing.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Therapy at DermaClinix India

Platelet Rich Plasma in Hair Transplantation

Recent researchers have found that platelets release some kind of healing proteins (PDGF) known as growth factors to accelerate tissue repairing and wound healing. Once the concentration of platelets is increased in the blood by any means, it can lead to a faster tissue healing & restoration. The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy at DermaClinix India is used in humans as a clinical tool for several kinds of medical treatments like to enhance hair growth, antiageing and facial rejuvenation, osteoarthritis, bone repair & regeneration, oral surgery, tendinitis, plastic surgery, etc. It has been widely used for the treatment of sports injuries in athletes.

PRP is basically an amalgam of multiple proteins which collectively activate the natural repair and regeneration processes of the body. Presently, two methods of PRP preparations have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Both these methods involve collection of whole blood cells, anti coagulated with citrate dextrose, before it goes through the two stages of centrifugation, drafted to separate the PRP aliquot from the platelet poor plasma, and RBCs. Blood platelet count is increased up to five folds of the normal blood platelet count using the strategy of PRP.

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PRP Treatment was initially being used in the Dental community, about 20 years ago, to improve post cancer treatment healing in the jaws of the patient under reconstruction. After that, the application grew wider and covered several aspects of cardiovascular and orthopedic treatment owing to its higher reconstitutive rate (growth factors promote healing naturally) and safety (since plasma is derived from the patient itself, chances of rejection almost nil).

We at Dermaclinix have experts with extensive experience in this field, and after years of research, we have been able to develop balanced PRPs to help our patients achieve the required ratios of the various factors. We provide high quality PRP therapies to our patients to give promising results, without any kinds of inconsistencies. PRP Treatment therapy might still be in early stages of development, but it has revolutionized the process of accelerating hair growth, early hair growth and increased follicles survival in hair transplantation (Bio – Stimulation), antiageing, facial rejuvenation and wound recovery (in general) in human body, and the power of this therapy cannot be overlooked as it has a promiscuous potential. We take utmost care of the health of our patient while performing such delicate procedures, and understand how vital it is for a patient to make a speedy & healthy recovery.

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