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Hair restoration has changed things for thousands of people around the world, but before you take the plunge, it is worthy to know the basics. Ideally, you should spend at least one appointment asking questions and getting answers from the qualified hair transplant doctor. Here are the top things that most people think of.

  1. How do I decide on hair restoration center ? What are the best ways to choose a surgeon? What kind of credentials, experience and expertise matter?
  2. Can you explain the basics of the procedure? How long will hair restoration process last? For many patients, hair restoration surgeries need multiple sittings and procedures, and the surgeon should explain the same to the patient.
  3. How visible would be my hair transplantation? This is rather an essential concern, given that hair restoration shouldn’t be as less noticeable as possible, and the hair surgeon can suggest options for the same.
  4. Can you explain the costs? It is best for the patient to complete knowledge of the financial aspects of hair transplantation and restoration. The dermatologist should explain all kinds of expenses in detail, along with any payment plans, part payments and other aspects.
  5. Does the procedure of hair transplantation cause pain? The patient should always know the kind of pain that may endured in the procedure, although with current techniques, there are varied methods before and after the operation that will make the patient comfortable.
  6. Things to know before undergoing hair loss treatment include
    • Training and Credentials of hair expert/surgeon
    • Experience of the hair expert/surgeon
    • Practices followed by hair expert/surgeon
    • Comfort level between the patient and hair expert/surgeon (ideally after the first appointment

Top things to ask about the hair expert/surgeon’s training and experience

  1. Which medical school has the hair expert attended? What are his degrees,
  2. When did the hair expert/physician get his license for practice?
  3. What’s their background of training and internship?
  4. Has the hair doctor taken any additional hair transplant training?
  5. Is the hair expert a certified specialist,
  6. Is the surgeon a member of any medical or professional body of doctors and experts? Is he active in medical world socially? These are not essential, but gives an idea of the expertise of the surgeon
  7. For how many years has the surgeon been practicing surgical hair restoration?
  8. Is the surgeon experienced in the hair restoration technique you are looking for? How many cases of hair restoration procedures has he undertaken?
  9. How many cases does the surgeon handle every month? This is a clear indication of his popularity and experience.
  10. Is the surgeon only involved with hair restoration procedures? Does he have the expertise of other kinds of cosmetic surgery? This can help in knowing if the surgeon can assist on other cosmetic procedures, and whether he is active with hair restoration techniques.
  11. Will the hair expert/physician offer references if requested?
  12. Will the hair expert/physician offer before and after photos of his work? This is important to have very relevant and realistic expectations from the procedure.

Things to ask about the practices of a physician-

  1. Is the hair expert/physician only practitioner at the clinic? Or there are others to assist?
  2. If there are other hair expert/physicians working with the surgeon, will they work on your case?
  3. Will the staff and associate hair expert/physicians of the surgeon offer all questions about the related aspects like insurance, billing and smaller details about the procedure?
  4. What’s the first impression of the clinic of the concerned hair expert/physician? Is the hair transplant clinic well maintained?
  5. What’s the atmosphere in the overall consultation procedure? This is a simple step to understand if there would be any pressure to take the decision by the staff and other people at the clinic.

Self-Questions that determine the comfort level with the surgeon/hair expert

  1. Does the physician/hair expert suggest on having a partner or friend for the first consultation? This is just to ensure that the first appointment is as relaxed as possible.
  2. It is best to have a list of questions for the physician/hair expert. Did the physician/hair expert answer all of them to your satisfaction?
  3. Are you happy with the time given in the first consultation? Has the hair expert explained possible aspects, including examination, diagnosis and side effects of hair transplant?
  4. Did the doctor talk about the various other treatment choices available along with pros, cons and hair transplant costs?
  5. How do you evaluate the overall consultation process?If you have any question regarding hair please write us here.
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