hair loss after pregnancy
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If you have recently had a baby and are experiencing hair loss, don’t get panic! It is common for new moms to face extreme hair loss after pregnancy. Though this condition is sudden and distressing, you are not going to be completely bald. This is a temporary phase. It does not mean you’re suffering from a deficiency in nutrition, it is just a hormonal change; You need not to look for a remedy.

Normally we shed 50-100 hair a day but during pregnancy the level of estrogen increases, which freezes hair in the ‘resting phase’ of the hair cycle. This prevents your hair from falling out. But, after you give birth, the level of estrogen declines due to which the hair resting begin to fall out. This hair loss, that usually begins in the third or fourth month after pregnancy, end up by six months for many, while for others, It is common for new mothers to face extreme hair fall a few months after pregnancy.

Dealing with hair loss after pregnancy

If this sudden hair loss is bothering you, try the following tips until your hair regains its normal fullness:

  • Change the part: If you usually part your hair in the middle, a side part can help you to hide thinning hair at the temples.
  • Use Shampoo and Conditioner that add volume to your hair: Our dermatologists strongly disapprove the use of a ‘conditioning shampoo’ since it contains heavy conditioner that can weigh down your hair, and make them look thinner. Instead, we advise our patients to use ‘Volumizing shampoos’- the shampoos containing ingredients like protein that coat the hair, making them appear fuller. Similarly, apply a conditioner primarily on the hair ends, which make your hair look fluffy.
  • Try a new Hairstyle: Meet an experienced stylist and ask for a haircut that makes your hair appear fuller! Many new mothers prefer having short hair since they appear fuller as well as are easy to manage.
  • Color your hair: Coloring your hair is always a great method to give a new look to your hair! If you have dark hair and your hairline is receding, highlight the front or try glossing treatment to add shine to your hair.
  • Add texture: Sleek and straight hairstyles make thinning hair in women more noticeable.
  • Wear hair ornament: Headbands, scarves, and bandannas are fantastic ways to disguise hair loss. These ornaments are highly liked by new moms since they have less time to devote to hair care!
  • Talk to your doctor!: Excessive hair loss after pregnancy can be due to many other conditions, so visit us to find the real cause and prevent it, if occurring due to some other condition.
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