scalp micropigmentation treatment
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Scalp Micropigmentation has been considered as a viable alternative for men who are not suitable for any hair restoration treatments or who deny the idea of entertaining the idea of a hair replacement and the maintenance associated with it. If you are not mindful about this technique or wish to know a bit more, here are some of the frequently asked questions about Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP):

What is SMP & its procedure?

It is an optimal solution for men who have almost no hair left on their head. This procedure involves injection of hundreds of tiny dots of pigment below the outermost layers of skin. This technique involves creating an illusion of stubble, providing you the look of an utmost buzz-cut all across your scalp.

Why go for an SMP procedure?

  • An SMP treatment provides you look of a head full of shaved hair or fresh buzz cut.
  • It stimulates the real follicles.
  • It hides scars, burns and birthmarks on scalp.
  • It helps in restoring the hairline in all kinds of all types and levels of baldness.
  • It also boosts your self-confidence.

Is SMP and Scalp Tattoo the same thing?

Not exactly. The ink used by the tattoo artists goes deeper into the skin, nearly 4-5 layers beneath, whereas the ink used in SMP goes only two layers under the scalp skin. Unlike Scalp tattoo, the ink used for Scalp micropigmentation is chosen as per the previous hair color and skin tone. Moreover, the color used for tattoos might fade away with time, but the color used in an SMP procedure remains the same for even 10 years.

What type of Needles are considered?

The needles used for this hair loss solution are thinner than those used in regular tattooing so as to inject extremely tiny dots of pigment and make an illusion of a head full of tiny growing hair.

Is it painful?

As the needles used in Scalp micro pigmentation treatments are smaller and pierce less of the epidermis than that in case of a tattoo, the procedure is supposed to be less painful. Moreover, topical and injectable anesthetics are given to the person so as to numb the treating area and lower down the discomfort caused by the injection of hundreds of dots of pigment.

Can SMP be used along with other hair replacement methods?

Yes. This procedure can be used to conceal the scars left by failed hair transplants. This treatment can also be considered as a better option for people experiencing thinning of hair in individual patches.

How long does this procedure take?

Scalp Micropigmentation is done in sessions. Mostly, 2-3 sessions are given to a person for complete results, with each session of 2-3 hours.

How long the results remain?

The pigment used in SMP might fade away over time, but with a few precautions like lessening the sun exposure and wearing a high-SPF sunscreen, you can make the outcomes last for a longer period of time. You can also maintain the look with touch-up sessions.

How to choose the best doctor?

Since the outcomes are going to affect your appearance, it is mandatory that you choose the right hair expert. Make sure that the dermatologist is qualified and experienced. He has the knowledge of all the latest developments in the field of hair loss and restoration and is a member of at least one renowned national and international committee of reputed hair doctors.

Do consult with the dermatologist to find if he is the right one for you or not. Take a list of questions with you, and seek the appropriate answer from him. Do leave if the doctor seems to be a money-minded.

What about the cost?

To know about the cost of the best scalp micropigmentation treatment in Delhi, book an appointment with our doctors today!

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