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Eyebrows are the most significant part of our face. They give perfect shape to your face. But, they can ruin your facial appearance if the brow hair begin to fall down. The eyebrow loss, just like hair loss is continuous and need to be treated so as to stop the hair fall and boost up hair growth. If you are also a victim of eyebrow hair loss and wish to get rid of this, eyebrow transplant is the best option you have. But before going for any treatment, it is better to find out the real cause behind this condition so as to enjoy desirable outcomes. Following are some of the commonly found causes of eyebrow loss:

Excessive Plucking: It is true that plucking is an amazing way to shape your eyebrows and maintain the density, but can make you experience the reverse as well if not done wisely. Plucking out eyebrow hair in excess can be the cause of eyebrow loss and this will remain for nearly 6 weeks since eyebrow hair require 6 weeks to regrow.
It is not that threading, waxing and plucking should be completely avoided. But, when you undergo such situations gradually, the hair follicle can become damaged, weak and scarred. And if it happens, your hair may never grow back ever. So, it is very much necessary to pay full attention when you go for threading, waxing or plucking.

Stress: Excessive hair shedding can be due to taking stress in excess. According to the dermatologist, stress (physical stress & emotional stress) can cause your eyebrow follicles to go into resting phase and then to shedding phase. This will result in eyebrow loss. If you decrease your stress, you are likely to enjoy hair growth soon!

Ageing: When you get older, your eyebrows may get thinner naturally. Even though ageing is certain, you can lower down its effect on your eyebrows by maintaining nutrition, controlling stress, hydrating your skin and avoiding waxing, threading and other such activities.

Hormonal imbalance: According to the dermatologists, hormones not just affect our mood, but causes hair loss as well. A change in levels of hormones caused by pregnancy, thyroid disease, menopause or medication can result in eyebrow loss.

Nutritional deficiency: Lack of adequate nutrients can also cause eyebrow loss. So, it is crucial to have a diet having protein, iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, biotin, vitamin B12 and zinc.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy, the treatment given to cure Cancer, can also affect your hair growth. It can cause temporary hair loss from all over your body. If you are getting chemotherapy, it is obvious to experience excessive hair fall for about 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment begins. Once the treatment is over, you are likely to get the hair regrow on your brows.

The best method to deal with Eyebrow loss is to get an Eyebrow transplant. To know more, visit the best dermatologists in Delhi or your nearby area.

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    Great article. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information about cause behind eyebrow loss.

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