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A thick beard is always considered as a sign of maturity and masculinity. It has been considered as a plus point in attracting women. It has been found that women find men with beard or/and moustache more attractive than clean-shaved persons. But, beyond this magical magnetic allure, there are various other benefits of ditching the razor and having a beard/moustache:

They protect against the Sun!

It has been found that beards block 90-95% of UV rays. Thus, it slows down the ageing process and in fact, reduces the risk of Skin Cancer. According to Dr. Amrendra Kumar, co-founder and director of DermaClinix, the beard/mustache hair act as an SPF factor. The higher the density & thickness, the higher is the SPF.

Beard keeps you warm during the Winter!

Having these facial hair during the bone-chilling cold winters is nothing less than a boon. The beard hair keeps our face warm; they protect our face from the bitter, harsh winds, when we were left with no other option than to cover our faces with a scarf or suffer till a warmer weather arrives.

Beard provides you protection against allergens!

The beard is related to health benefits also. Just like the nose hair, the beard hair also acts as a filtration system. They trap and dismiss dangerous pollutants that might enter your airways. In fact, Dr. Kavish Chouhan, our senior dermatologist says that having more hair under the airways result in reduction of allergies, which thereafter, lower down the risk of Asthma. He further added that since the beard and moustache hair traps the foreign particles, they need to be cleaned regularly.

They give you a blemish-free skin!

Razor rash, acne and ingrown hair are some of the common thing faced by us while shaving. One can escape from the hours of scratching and everlasting itching by growing a beard, which will make you a happier person. Beside this, beard can safeguard you against acne and pimples. It has been observed that Shaving irritates the skin and break the protective barrier of our epidermal layers, which allows the bacteria to enter and result in acne, pimples and inflammation. The beard allows you to ditch razor and thus, provides you blemish-free skin. Also, the beard prevents us from rubbing off our natural skin moisturizer and safeguard our faces from wind burn.

Beard boosts up your self-confidence!

It is being noticed that people with moustache and beard are more confident and happy! They have admitted that they are getting complimented for this manly look and even feel attractive about themselves. This way, these facial hair boosts up their self-esteem and they are able to give a better shot! Also, they can use the time wasted on Shaving each month in a productive way.

Now, as you are familiar with perks of having a beard, it is quite obvious that you would look forward to grow a beard, and feel good about yourselves! In case you are unable to get this look due to injuries, genetics, or previous hair removal procedures, feel free to contact us! Using the latest beard/moustache hair transplant technique, and our expert hands, we will help you in achieving a thicker and healthy beard and moustache.

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