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Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant Techniques (B.E.S.T.) FUE in Delhi at Dermaclinix

There is a certain period of time that any organ can spend outside the body and still survive. It is a similar case with the hair follicles, once they have been extracted they start to degrade and lose their energies after a certain time and they eventually die as the time passes.

To put an end to this problem and to overcome this situation DermaClinix came up with an innovative technique which proves to be a sure shot solution to all the hair problems and baldness. We are going to look at this technique which is the B.E.S.T. FUE Technique in Dermaclinix in detail and look at the benefits of choosing this technique and DermaClinix. Because you should know that your decision of choosing a technique and a transplant center is going to have a lifelong impact and we want you to take your decision wisely.

Why Opt for Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant Techniques at DermaClinix?

Before we even begin, you should be aware of the fact that the B.E.S.T. FUE technique which is one of the most efficient techniques in hair transplant world is a patented method of DermaClinix. With that being said, who do you think would be a better expert on this technique when the place where this technique originated is being talked about. The obvious answer would be the experts who came up with this method/technique in the first place. Our team of experts is always inclined towards your betterment and we at DermaClinix are working day an night to come up with new innovations and techniques to make the process of hair transplant easier and more efficient. We look at the problem, we do an analysis, we brainstorm, we think, and it is then that we create and implement and eventually we succeed because our clients and patient go through successful surgeries and transplants and end up being happily satisfied all the time.

The team of experts at the DermClinix is well equipped with the latest methods and equipment to help you out with your hair loss problems and find a definite solution to it. Our experts are known for their efficiency and experience and they have a tendency of bringing out innovatively designed tailor-made solution which would not only suit your needs but also give you results beyond your expectations. For a result beyond expectation and satisfaction, you can pay a visit to DermaClinix situated in South Delhi and our experts would take it from there. You have an opportunity to regain your hair and your lost self-confidence by just choosing DermaClinix.

How is it Different from the other Techniques?

At the time of a transplant the plasmatic imbibition and the supply of the reserve energy act as the decisive factors in deciding whether the extracted hair follicles would survive for a longer time or not. During a transplant, it is the reserve energy which gets consumed in helping the follicles to survive for the first two days. The blood supply to the hair follicles only begins when they are placed to the site of transplant later. Again, it takes almost a week for the newly placed hair follicles to get accepted and also get a complete circulation of blood.

Now when we look at the loss of follicles, there is a considerable amount of follicles which just die or fall off in almost all the other techniques. An average loss rate of follicles is between 10% to 20%. But in case of the Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant, there is a 100% rate of survival of follicles. This generally helps in dealing with the patients who already have a limited number of follicles and still lose many even after the process of extraction when they ideally go for the other methods or techniques. The energy delivery solution that the B.E.S.T. technique uses helps in providing the required energy to the grafts and makes them survive until they get to fully establish themselves at the site of the implant on the scalp.

  • The better survival rate of follicles after extraction
  • Less healing and recovery time
  • Enhancement  in the quality of hair
  • A dense growth of hair and a natural appearance

Cost of B.E.S.T. FUE Technique at DermaClinix

At DermaClinix you can get your treatment done at a highly affordable price when it comes to the B.E.S.T. technique. When compared to others, DermaClinix is the home of this technique and we promise to get you the best of the looks that you have ever dreamt of at a highly effective and effectively affordable price that you yourself would be surprised to know. Our costs are many a time lesser what others might charge you. DermaClinix is known for providing world-class facilities at an affordable price. So, don’t worry about the price and come directly to DermaClinix because we at DermaClinix know what is best for you.


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