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Dr. Kavish Chouhan

MD Dermatology (AIIMS), MISHRS (USA)
+91 8882227080

Dr. Amrendra Kumar

MD Dermatology (AIIMS), MISHRS (USA)
+91 8882227080

Dr. Vinay Nandal

MD Dermatology (Government Medical College-Surat)
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Dr. Arushi Dudeja

MD Dermatology (Mahatma Gandhi Mission’s Medical College and Hospital)
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Dr. Kriti Jain

MD Dermatology (Subharti Medical College,
Uttar Pradesh (UP))
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Dr. Rahul Kota

MD Dermatology (Pramukhswami Medical College, Anand, Gujarat)
+91 8882227080

Dr. Swathi Chowdavaram

MBBS, D.DVL, FRUGHS(DERMATOSURGERY)(Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad)
+91 8882227080

Dr Saroj Poudel

MD Dermatology (AIIMS)
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Dr. Bipin Bhattachan

MD Dermatology (Kasturba Medical College, Manipal)
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Answering Clinical Questions Improves Patient Safety

  • How many Hairs/Follicular units are required?

    How many Hairs/Follicular units are required?
    The assessment is based on the area to be transplanted and the eventual hair density required. In most case we keep hair density of 35 – 45FU/cm2.

  • Who can benefit from hair restoration surgery?

    Who can benefit from hair restoration surgery?
    Anyone who has experienced permanent hair loss may be a candidate for hair restoration surgery including: Male and Female patterned baldness. Men or women who want to restore or change the shape of their hairline. People with areas of scarring from injuries or “scarring” skin diseases, and also the patient who experienced some hair loss after surgery, such as facelift procedures. People who want to thicken or restore eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, pubic hair.

  • What is Bio-stimulated FUE (Advance FUE)?

    DermaClinix is the pioneer of BIOSTIMULATED FUE technique which is now widely being followed by the best hair transplant centers around the world. • It comprises of hair transplantation by FUE along with 3 sessions of Platelet rich plasma therapy which simultaneously enhance residual hair as well as transplanted hairs by presence of high concentration of growth factors directly near the hair roots and stimulation of STEM CELLS.

  • What are the Advantages of biostimulation hair transplantation?

    Advantages of biostimulation hair transplantation are:

    1. To preserve and enhance hair follicle viability during and after hair transplantation. 2. To promote and enhance tissue repair and healing after hair transplantation. 3. To reinvigorate dormant hair follicles stimulate new hair growth.