The Complete Hair Solution Center

DermaClinix is a high performance result oriented clinic providing hair & skin treatment to people in varied age groups. We have highly trained professionals from one of the highest and most well esteemed medical institutes of India, namely the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. We are devoted to providing high quality services to our patients using the most sophisticated instruments and state of the art technology by our highly trained team of professionals.

DermaClinix is a popular clinic of Hair Transplant in Delhi India treating patients hailing not just from India but also from various parts of the globe.

Our experts with their years of experience and training are capable of taking the responsibility of executing the treatment procedures with extreme precision. Highly trained teams of professionals not only deliver world-class treatment to their treatment subjects (patients) but also bring back the confidence they’ve lost.
People yearning for aesthetic treatment for hair and skin issues not only get back their lost hair but also get a boost to their lowered self esteem due to restoration of their aesthetics. There aren’t any tangible long term side-effects of any sort associated with the treatments we provide an increase in our number of patients may also be attributed to timely delivery of positive delivery with care.

Why Choose us?

top hair transplant doctors Our surgical technique involves direct implantation of the extracted grafts with “No touch to root technique” ; so that the ‘time outside the body is least and graft survival is almost 100%.

We use the most precise Cole’s instrument and surrounded punches 0.75-0.85mm ensuring least transaction rates(<3%) which is the lowest in the world; thus there is no graft wastage.

  • Doctors trained at best institute of India (AIIMS) Delhi
  • Genuine advice, guaranteed results
  • Highest standards of care with ethical values at honest pricing
  • Thousands of satisfied patients across the globe including celebrities
  • Internationally (ISHRS) certified hair transplant surgeons
  • Pioneer of bio stimulated FUE, PRP & A-cell in hair transplantation
  • our doctors are internationally known faculty in the field of hair transplant
  • our patients are not only from India but from all over the world
  • We offer what matters:- Experience & quality
  • We create trust with each of our patients
  • We use the thinnest possible needle (32 G) for administering local anaesthesia with advanced cooling and vibration which makes the whole process almost painless.
  • The results of patients who have undergone hair restoration with us look completely natural; to such an extent that nobody will be able to tell that they have done hair transplant.
  • We use the best magnification system available from Carl Zeiss (Germany) & Heine; 4X and 5X loupes

Meet Our Doctors

  • MD Dermatology (AIIMS), MISHRS (USA)

    Dr. Kavish Chouhan

        12+ years experience

    Dr. Kavish Chouhan is considered amongst the best dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon in INDIA…

  • MD Dermatology (AIIMS), MISHRS (USA)

    Dr. Amrendra Kumar

    12+ years experience

    Dr Amrendra kumar is amongst pioneers of PRP-Acell treatment for hair stimulation in INDIA…

  • MD Dermatology (VMMC)

    Dr. Jyoti Gupta

     10+ years experience

    DR.Jyoti Gupta is a Gold Medalist in MD Dermatology from Vardhman Mahavir Medical college & Safdarjung hospital…View All →

Graphic Representation of BIOSTIMULATED FUE

Define extraction area

Follicular unit scoring

Define area for plantation

FU/Graft extraction

FU/Graft in Bio-enriched sol

Implantation of FU/Graft

Blood taken from arm

PRP separated from blood

Activated PRP

Injecting PRP in scalp

How injecting area work

Better result